We think that our design work should be judged based on the results it achieves for our clients. beatnik combine intelligent marketing thinking and a professional design service to generate maximum return on your advertising spend. We make things as simple and easy for our clients as possible … long-standing and close relationships with first-rate printers, translators, copy-writers and designers make the journey straight forward.



At beatnik we believe that good marketing, wherever it appears, is all about one thing …

reaching the right person, with the right message, in the right place and at just the right time

We can help to identify the right people; your most valuable customers and to understand what they want using customer research or via social media websites. We store, maintain and analyse this information, then interpret the result and present our findings directly to you, allowing your business to formulate the right advertising messages when addressing potential new customers, and when building relationships with regular customers. We utilize these findings to better understand when and where to place advertisements for maximum effect and we know how to use design to get your message across stylishly and with the power required to make the right impression. We have the team in place to ensure perfect translations, vibrant photography, elegant copy, exemplary printing, to build and ensure reliable and timely delivery of e-newsletters, and a talented and dedicated web-design team.